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Top 10 arabic singers


Music in the Middle East flourishes, and these 10 best Arabic singers top the charts around the globe. Arabic music has a rich history; the prominence of the genre has picked up around the western world as of late (such

Top 10 arab billionaires


Vast oil reserves in the Arabian peninsula have ensured that some of the world’s biggest billionaires have always come from the ranks of Arabs. Apart from having access to petroleum deposits, these billionaires have also profited from access to ruling

Top 10 arab female singers


The ten best Arabic women singers on our list are both talented and beautiful. Their wonderful voices are instantly recognizable in the Middle East, and their popularity has followed them around the world. In addition to their musical success, many

Top 5 arab male singers


According to Murex d’Or 2010, a Lebanese award ceremony created by Lebanese brothers Dr. Zahi and Dr. Fadi Helou to recognize achievements in the domain of art in Lebanon and the Arab region, the 5 best Lebanese male singers of

Top 10 arab films


Since the 1920s, Egypt has produced the 10 best Arabic movies with English subtitles. Through the years, however, Arab cinema has expanded to other Arabic-speaking countries and those in the Diaspora have produced powerful films reflecting identity, societal ills and

10 best arabic food


We all have to crawl before we walk – it is the same principle in cooking. These recipes are basic, yet delicious, and will give you an introduction to cooking arabic food. The trick is to have fun, experiment and

Top 10 egyptian films


To mark the centennial of Egyptian films, Al Ahram daily newspaper asked the country’s top 20 critics to choose the best 10 best Egyptian films of all time. This is the result of the poll: 1. Al-Mummia (The Night of

Android bedside alarm clock


Description Turn you Android device into stylish and feature packed Alarm Clock! Turn you Android device into stylish and feature packed Alarm Clock. Fall asleep and wake up to your favorite music. Enjoy gorgeous and stylish LED display by your

Best Arab Star Durra nabs


Tunisian actress Durra Durra is poised to bag &lsquoBest Arab Star’ within the acting category in the Murex D’or Honours in Beirut. The actress was famous for her outstanding performances within the Egyptian television dramas &ldquoAdam&rdquo and &ldquoAl Rayan&rdquo which

Top 10 arabic songs ever


These ten best Arabic songs ever are not only heard in the centre East but worldwide too. They weren’t just sang by great performers, however their tune and lyrics are simply too doozy can’t stop but pay attention to them.

Popular top 10 hottest women from the arab world


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