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Best dressed celebrity children 2012


Many of us envy the styles we see worn by celebrities in the pages of fashion magazines and on the red carpet, but what about when the children of celebrities are as stylish if nor more stylish than their parents?

Celebrities vs normal people


Some say hugely inflated salaries tell a lot about our cultural values – since it’s the teachers and waitresses of the world that go to the movies and buy new kitchen appliances, funding paychecks for the wealthiest celebrities and CEO’s

Latest celebrity news and gossip 2012


Celebrity Big Brother: Danica ‘dumps boyfriend for Prince Lorenzo’ Former Celebrity Big Brother housemate Danica Thrall has reportedly dumped her boyfriend in favour of Prince Lorenzo, it has been revealed. Danica and Prince Lorenzo certainly hit it off in the

Celebrities and their cars 2012 reviews


Chad Ochocinco Fits In This Chad Ochocinco might have a Rolls Royce Phantom but for those days when he just feels like crunching into a little ball and rolling in a Smart Car — he’s got that too. Travis Barker

Celebrities helping the third world countries


It has been said that Costa Rica is a Third World and Underdeveloped Country, but it’s difficult to think of Costa Rica under these terms, when we consider the new expressways, abundant shopping malls, modern office towers and North American

Celebrities and their businesses


Celebrities have been peddling their own products since the beginning of moving pictures. Today, it represents an important secondary source of income for many A-list stars as they have ready legions of fans to snap up their offerings. Not all

Celebrities and their pets book


Top Dogs and Their Pets parallels the well known face of Entertainment, Politics, Sports, and Celebrity along side the warmth and companionship of their four-legged friends giving a rare and candid view into the hearts and minds of today’s most

Celebrities people’s choice awards


People’s Choice Awards was dominated by Katy Perry, “Harry Potter,” Johnny Depp and Emma Stone. With show-stopping performances by Favorite Pop Artist winner Demi Lovato and Faith Hill, the show handed out prizes voted on by more than 230 million

Favorite football teams of celebrities


You mightn’t think that football matches would appeal much to celebrities – with their home caterers, and really nice cars – but, actually, they do.So much so that after the jump you’ll find a list of ten famous people who

Hollywood celebrities political views


Roseanne Barr calls Angleina Jolie the “evil spawn” of Jon Voight, calls Brad Pitt “vacuous” and calls Voight a “frightened little girl in a pink ballet tutu”, for not backing Barack Obama. Then Barr announces her support for Cynthia Mckinney.Giving

Get Tips On How To Look Like A Celebrity While Spending Much Lesser!

Get Tips On How To Look Like A Celebrity While Spending Much Lesser

Most celebrities have adopted the fashion senses of super models. When you look at their dress codes, their cars, homes, hair, accessories and even makeup, they look like they are straight from a runway. There is no longer space in

Celebrities eating disorders


Which Celebrities took their wish to be thin to harmful measures? It’s really no secret that celebs spend considerable time the right diet and striking a fitness center to have their physiques searching camera ready, but a number of them

Celebrities who died in 2012


Teri Shields ( AP File Photo / November 6, 2012 ) Teri Shields, right, mom and manager of actress Brooke Shields, notoriously permitted her teenage daughter to star in a number of now legendary advertisements for Calvin Klein jeans within

Celebrities who smoke cigarettes list


Here’s my listing of celebrities who light up, or who’ve done this previously. Also incorporated are stars that smoke cigars, because this is hardly better. Just between us, I’m not sure why they are doing it, besides the truth that

Celebrities before and after they were famous


Haven’t all of us heard that sometimes to repair an issue, you need to simply throw just a little money in internet marketing? Well, for many people gals, this is not always a choice, however for celebs it’s practically the

Celebrities without makeup


Seeing pictures of celebrities without makeup is not one such occurrence within the pop music business, however it always leads to some kind of comfort once they arise. Whenever we catch a peek at a photograph of the ultra-glamorous celebrity

Celebrities in scientology


Last week’s news that Katie Holmes declared divorce from Tom Cruise has introduced Scientology — the questionable religion founded by sci-fi author L. Ron Hubbard — into the spotlightRumors are swirling the religion performed a large role in Holmes’ decision

American celebrities from canada


The problem with being the best is that people are always trying to jump on the bandwagon. As Lou Dobbs will sure tell you, both within and beyond our borders, there are those who desperately want the world to believe

Pancreatic cancer celebrities deaths


Pancreatic cancer is not selective — it doesn’t care if you’re famous or wealthy. Through the years, several celebs happen to be identified with disease. Sadly, most gave in for their fight with pancreatic cancer. Their diagnoses have elevated awareness

Celebrities born in september 25


1. Will Cruz Actor, The Quest for Happyness Will Smith was the 2nd of 4 kids of Caroline (school board worker) and Willard C Cruz Sr. (who owns a refrigeration company). Cruz is of both Black and Native American heritage.

Famous celebrities during world war 2


Using the 20th century’s movie industry making a lot of women (and males) into well-known celebs, and also the “star system” extended into other fields for example sports too. It had been natural that some stars would find uses of

Celebrities best fashion sense


Full disclosure: i was a little skeptical from the dress over pants trend in the beginning. Sure, Karl Lagerfeld and Dries van Noten might make it look desirable around the fashion runways, however it begged an essential question. Could this

Which celebrities have the best eyes


Present day most popular stars and greatest stars leaking their most favorite beauty tips for us. Obtain the ultimate scoop in beauty advice, and check out the hair styles of these stars on yourself using our Virtual Hair Transformation tool!

Funny news stories celebrities 2012


Dallas, March. 15 (UPI) — A Dallas police spokesperson stated officials caught a guy “mid-stream” as they was peeing on the police patrol vehicle. Police spokesperson Jonah Spagenthal-Lee stated the vehicle was parked in a great deal around 4:45 p.m.