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How can i improve my cricket fast bowling skills


Hi, in learning to control where you bowl the ball it is important to get the balance right between the intent of bowling fast and the trade off in control that comes with seeking to bowl at full pace. A

Best Training for the 100 Meter Dash


Training for the 100-meter dash focuses on building strength, speed and technique. There’s no need for aerobic exercise, since your body only uses anaerobic energy to run the race. Instead, you’ll want to spend your time in the weight room

How to Run the 100 Meter Dash Faster


Running the 100 meter dash takes focus, power and incredible form. To race at the highest levels of competition, you’ll need a lot of natural speed. Something else you’ll also need to know about is racing strategy and technique. Instructions

Instructions How to Improve A 100-Meter Dash


The 100-meter sprint is a highly competitive event and athletes are always looking to beat their competitors’ times. Some college and professional athletes train year round to run just a few races per year. If you are a youth or

Tips for Running a Marathon: How to Start


Here is some important tips for running a marathon exclusively for you. The feel around startups is a mix of chaotic change and rapid iteration. There is no cookie cutter, paint-by-numbers approach to building a technology and launching a tech

How to Start Training to Run a Marathon


Want to learn how to start training to run a marathon or half marathon? This site was created for the runner who wants to experience the thrill and sensational high of finishing their first 26.2-mile marathon or 13.1-mile half marathon.

Best and Worst Olympics outfits ever


Team USA Olympic uniforms The Olympic Games 2012: A world-class showcase of strength, speed and style! Italian designer Giorgio Armani has already dubbed this year’s London games the “most fashionable Olympics ever,” but we’ll let you be the judge. See

The Worst Olympic Uniforms Ever


Here is a detail of the Worst Olympic Uniforms Ever. Be proud, America. These are what the Olympic athletes will be wearing in London for the Summer Games. In case you didn’t notice the tastefully subtle logo on the front,

Best Techniques for the 100-Meter Dash


Best Techniques for the 100-Meter Sprint. Sprinting over short distances provides little room for error. The high speed and limited space make it difficult to rebound from a mistake in 100 meter running tips , so it is crucial to

Gap close by Balitmore Orioles Again in MLB


Baltimore had won the first game of the series 6-1 on Friday, only for the Yankees to edge three games clear once more with a 4-3 win in the Bronx on Saturday. However, the visiting Orioles had the last laugh

Former Cricketer Andrew Flintoff set to be a real boxer


The 34-year-old is set to fight in a heavy weight bout at the city’s MEN Arena on November 30, although he must first be granted a licence by the British Boxing Board of Control. Flintoff is being trained by Barry

Women’s USA Soccer Team Most Memorable Moments in Olympics


The USA women’s soccer team Most Memorable Moment may be the win of their fourth Olympic Gold medal in London. Here’s a look at the top five moments from yet another successful Olympic campaign. Lloyd strikes gold After picking the

Tips from the U.S. Womens National Soccer Team Training


U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team might just be the fittest female athletes on the planet. The players of the U.S. Women’s National soccer team, which is gearing up to take home the next World Cup, are subject to hardcore runs,

Serena Williams the Top Female Tennis Player of All Time


Where to begin for Greatest Female Tennis Player of All Time? I’m with you to a point. I’ve long said that one of the real challenges of covering this sport is covering the Williams sisters, Serena in particular. There is

Top 5 World’s Best Male Tennis Players Retired


Who are the Top 5 World’s Best Male Tennis Players Retired? The days when teenagers reigned over the big tennis courts around the world are over. The memory of 16- and 17-year-olds, like Bjorn Borg or Mats Wilander from Sweden

Top Best Female Tennis Players Of All Time


The question of who tops the Best Female Tennis Players Of All Time is much-contested has been debated for decades. The central issue is, with what parameters do you judge this by? The number of Grand Slam titles won? The

Top 5 best looking female tennis players


Top female tennis players are aplenty and those who are hot and beautiful become really popular. But what happens when they retire? Do they still stay as fit and as hot as when they were prancing around the tennis court?

Latest tips from top players for tennis beginners 2012


Every year in late June and early July, thousands of people across Britain dust off their tennis rackets and head down to the public courts, inspired by the action of the Wimbledon Championships. During those two weeks of the year

Top techniques and improve for tennis beginners 2012


In developing a beginner, a focused approach on the basic strokes, such as the forehand, backhand and serve should be introduced. After players have mastered the basic tennis techniques for beginners, they can then graduate to more advanced techniques. However,

How can i improve my playing tennis skills


It’s a competitive tennis player’s worst nightmare: The courts are soaked with rain, and the storm is showing no signs of relenting. Whether it’s a busy work schedule, family vacation, or torrential rain storm, making a trip to the tennis

Movement technique for all beginners tennis player


Tennis has the unique distinction among sports of constantly blending different types of fitness needed to play it at the highest level. Tennis players must often be on the court for 2-5 hours, but they also must be capable of

Tennis player maria sharapova childhood


Born: April 19, 1987 Tennis star Maria Sharapova has a lot going for her. At only 18 years of age she has become the world’s highest paid female athlete. Born in Nyagan, Russia, (in the Siberian region) on April 19,

Lionel Messi and Girlfriend Sntonella 2012


Lionel Messi Girlfriend is SntonellaLionel as we all know. Messi is the name that every soccer fan would know by now. This Argentine soccer star is famous for his football skills and is considered to be Maradona’s successor… Lionel Messi

News about Lionel Messi girlfriend: Messi Antonella will have son or daughter?


Antonella Messi will have son. News about Lionel Messi girlfriend, Antonella Roccuzzo, pregnancy is true. Argentine star footballer has given a confirmation if his girlfriend is being pregnant a son. It has been several months since the rumor about Lionel