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Lance burton magic set


Lance Burton’s show in the Monte Carlo in Vegas has become closed.A dependable Vegas mainstay, Lance Burton offers among the finest magic shows around the strip. Together with his showmanship, fantastic illusions and dazzling technical abilities, Burton will it all.

Best magician Tihany


Tihany may be the stage reputation for magician and circus impresario, Franz Czeisler. After getting away in the Nazis throughout The Second World War, he traveled to South Usa. In 1955 he founded his Circo Tihany as they was at

Magician harry blackstone sr


Harry Blackstone September 27, 1885 &ndash November 16, 1965) would be a famous stage magician and illusionist from the twentieth century. Blackstone was created Harry Bouton in Chicago, Illinois, he started his career like a magician in the teens and

Dai vernon revelations 30th anniversary


It has been 3 decades because the initial discharge of Revelations, the monumental video set that immortalized the existence and work of possibly among the finest masters of magic whatever person resided &ndash the Professor themself &ndash Dai Vernon.In celebration,

Mark wilson complete course magic review


Numerous masters of magic started the amount in magic with Mark Wilson’s excellent book that covers close-up, stage magic as well as large illusions. That one is certainly well worth the look and it is broadly available.It starts with close-up

Richiardi daughter


The magician Teller introduces the sawing segment from the 1980 TV special “Richiardi’s Chamber of Disasters,” located by horror maestro Vincent Cost. After sawing in to the girl, Richiardi would invite the crowd to pass through by. After, he’d say:

Famed magician doug henning dies 52


Famous Magician Doug Henning Dies at 52TORONTO (Reuters) – Magician Doug Henning, who recreated Harry Houdini’s most well-known trick, the “Water Torture Escape,” making miracle popular again around the Broadway stage, has died at 52, a spokesperson for him stated

Dante’s lazy magician


Are you currently speaking about Dante’s favorite rope trick? If that’s the case, it’s known as the lazy magician also it requires two assistants which do everything as the magician sits inside a chair, waves a wand, after which takes

Harry houdini death conspiracy


Harry Houdini is probably the finest and many well-known magician ever. While his methods aren’t mind-breaking by present day standsards like these were throughout the first times of vaudeville, he was the actual showman of his area. He understood how