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So my friends and I are planning to hold a kids fashion show in our neighborhood (our family is very approve of it), but we’re clueless as to use what song! The song needs to have proper lyric, so I can’t use the songs normally played in general fashion show..COuld you please share me a few songs good and energetic for the kids

A while back, my friend Nancy was doing a fashion show and she posed the question on Facebook: “What music should I use?” I gave her a long list of artists and songs, including some Japanese pop she never heard of, but I wondered if all designers think about their runway music. Could music make or break a show? To start, you have the standard fashion show music – it’s a light techno mixed with classical like the Anna Sui show below. I don’t know how or why this became the standard fashion show music but you can’t deny that the beat is easy to walk to and the music does not distract from the clothes.Nowadays you can tell a high-end, professional fashion show from a smaller (community) show by the music. For example, when I went to see haute couture designer Sergey Ermakov’s US debut, the music was classical to a tee, orchestra and all. But more commonly, I go to shows put on by organizations hoping to appeal to the masses and get more donations by playing pop and hip-hop. I’m not knocking them for this – quite the opposite – if the clothes is current and trendy, then by all means play music that follows this theme. The best example I can find of music setting the theme is Dior’s Spring ’06 Haute Couture Show. Excuse the expression, but the mix of THAT music plus THAT fashion is simply creamable. And never does the music detract from the clothes – it only enhances them.This brings me top my first Top 10 Songs for your Fashion Runway. This is not glorious, haute couture music but good for setting the mood at smaller, trendier shows.
Fashion by Lady Gaga

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